Heat-Pump Technology “Hot water from thin air”

- The Heat-Pump uses ‘basic air-conditioning’ technology, only the application has changed from heating air
   to heating water
- A Heat-Pump absorbed heat (free/solar energy) from the air using the refrigeration cycle – heat recovery
- This ‘combined heat’ is transferred to water via the Air to Water heat exchanger
- The hot water is then stored of pumped to area of demand

Air to Water Heat-Pump schematic

Electric energy + Air Source Energy = Total Heat Energy output
1kw electricity + 3.5 kw free energy = 4.5 kw output for the cost of only 1kw power

Therefore COP = 4.5, compared to 1:1 of an electric geyser.

Ambient Energy

- The atmosphere contains energy even at very low temperatures. The presence of heat has
  been measured in air temperatures of – 200oC

- At -7oC the heat-pump can absorb and transfer sufficient heat / energy to perform 2,5 times
  more efficiently than an electric geyser

- Ambient energy is free and plentiful

- As ambient temperature increases the efficiency of a heat-pump increases



Heat-Pump water heater with air-conditioning medium range capacities 
Split cycle-heating air-con type

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