About Us:

Eco Heat & Cool Solutions was founded and developed through a personal owner requirement and the pursuit of the challenge!!!

The original requirement to implement an air-conditioned solution was for a residence where limited power was available On investigation, traditional options originally required that the premises be upgraded from single phase power to three phase power which constituted an additional cost and the use of the air conditioner would have increased the monthly utility bill substantially as most residential air-con units are only used in extreme conditions and as a luxury only when required. This made the option to implement air-conditioning very costly and very expensive to operate.

In 2007 we started to investigate alternate solutions to combine water heating and air-con recovery from a single unit with energy saving capabilities. Everyone we spoke to about wanting to install an air-con unit to save power looked at us if we were crazy!!! Prior to 2010 there was no single technology or supplier to provide this technology in South Africa. Eco Heat & Cool Solutions has undertaken a thorough investigation to find a reputable supplier of technology and with all the required certifications and backup.

The journey took a while but it has now ARRIVED!!! 

The second challenge we faced was to find a suitable installer to undertake a complete implementation, this posed various challenges and which brought about the real start of our business.  

In 2010 Eco Heat & Cool Solutions have successfully developed and deployed various solutions. The combined solution showed amazing results and even reducing power requirements when running air-con for a large period of day and night providing both hot water and air-con.

Although Eco Heat & Cool Solutions do realize that not everyone wants to install an air-con solution the technology provides independent functionality for only water heating or only providing air-con with amazing power conservation. (Cutting power requirement for water heating up to 75%)

Ideal for Residential deployment, Guest houses/farms etc.    

Eco Heat & Cool Solution provides you a "One Stop Shop" for both the purchase and implementation!!!







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