- Reliant on sunny conditions

- Water temperature fluctuates depending on
  climatic conditions

- “Top-up” electricity heating ma be necessary for
  morning demand, or if temperature drops with
  overnight storage

- Water volume is limited by capacity of storage
  tank / geyser

- Large surface are required for multiple panels

- Orientation and positioning og panels is critical
  to their performance

- Water filled panels are heavy, adding costs to
  building structures

- Unsightly to some

- Playback time is difficult to determine as weather
  conditions affect efficiency if back-up heating is

- Can operate 24/7 in all conditions, day &night(if     

- Produces hot water up to 60oC controlled and 
  maintained to set point

- Hot water is being produced whilst hot water is
  being used

- Water use can be up to 1.8 times the volume of the
  storage vessel

- Compact design, space saving, small footpring

- Versatile installation

- Units can be mounted distant to demand area, on
  brackets or on plinth

- Unit “pays for itself” with proven savings on monthly
  electricity bill. If rates increase,payback period is

 Solar panels can be incorporated with the heat-pump for greater efficiency
 Energy consumption comparison
Echo heat-pump Range

Self contained / domestic
4 models
Capacities of 1.5 kw & 2.6 kw
Storage from 150 to 300 liters

Domestic & Small Commercial units
Medium Capacity 5 models between 2.8 < 7.2 kw

Industrial Applications
from 10kw up to 616kw

Self contained domestic water heaters 
-3 models – 150, 200 & 300 liter storage
-heating capacity of 2.6 kw, power consumption 810w
-self contained unit with S/S storage tank
-instant hot water between 48oC – 60oC
-Fitted with sacrificial anode to remove suspended solids in water
-ideal for indoor installation

New model: 1.5kw capacity, 190 liter storage
-500w power supply
Water outlet temperature 38-70oC
-outdoor installation under “semi-cover”
Domestic Integrated heat pump water heaters

 Small capacity units – 1:1 hot water with external storage

-If water temperature in storage drops, pump is activated and water is circulated through heat-pump, re-heated and pumped until set temperature is achieved.


Commercial range with multiple indoor units
Digital scroll cycle-heating air-con type


High efficiency digital scroll compressor Multi-functional air-conditioning with central water heating


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